occurrence an accessory mineral in felsic igneous rocks

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Intrusive igneous rocks make up the majority of igneous rocks and are formed from magma that cools and solidifies within the crust of a planet (known as plutons), surrounded by pre-existing rock (called country rock); the magma cools slowly and, as a result, these rocks are coarse-grained.The mineral grains in such rocks can generally be identified with the naked eye.


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The igneous rock exhibits mineral crystals too small to see with the naked eye. . Portion, Gaseous Portion. name two minerals that are unlikely to coexist in the same igneous rock. Muscovite and pyroxene. Igneous rocks of felsic composition have _____ and _____ relative to mafic igneous rocks. . What is an accessory mineral?


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GEOLOGY Vol. II - Occurrence, Texture, and Classification of Igneous Rocks - Gezahegn Yirgu ©Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS) Summary In this article, the manner in which igneous rocks occur in nature is introduced, followed by a discussion of the general textural features and appearance of these rocks.


Occurrence and Origin of Andalusite in Peraluminous Felsic .

Andalusite occurs as an accessory mineral in many types of per-aluminous felsic igneous rocks, including rhyolites, aplites, granites, pegmatites, and anatectic migmatites. Some published stability curves for And ¼ Sil and the water-saturated granite solidus permit a small stability field for andalusite in equilibrium with felsic melts.


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